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Faro Vietnam is a member of Faro Recruitment Group - the subsidiary of Outsourcing Inc., a leading outsourcing company in Japan. 

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Faro Recruitment Vietnam

Customs Associate


Job Description

About the Employer

A Global Fortune 500. An American multinational conglomerate incorporated in New York city and headquartered in Boston. Its operation covers various business segments including Healthcare, Power & Renewable Energy, Aviation, Digital Industry, Additive Manufacturing, VC & Finance among others. The corporation's worldwide headcounts is now up to 205,000 as of 2020. 

About the Position

High level

•         Provide operational support of all shipments into and out of Region by interfacing with Customs agents, 3rd parties, business representatives and internal team members;

•         Serve as central point of contact in the region for escalations and/or business inquiries;

•         Act as liaison to local and regional Customs officials in resolving Customs authorities inquiries and audits related to specific transactions and processes;

•         Provide analysis, planning, advice, training and problem solving services to Company businesses to support adherence to Enterprise Standards and compliance with Government Customs laws and regulations;

•         Identify Customs risk areas and develop actionable plans and procedures to mitigate those risks;

•         Work with various cross-functional teams within the region to identify, assess and develop action plans with respect to international trade;

•         Assist in contacting In country suppliers to for FTA opportunities of export shipments and also release of CoO form;

•         Participate on applicable Company's Customs Council Communities;

Daily tasks

•         Compare information received though various sources such as FF/ Broker and Business to check accurately draft CDFs and advice brokers on errors and modifications required;

•         Audit import and export transactions to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations and provide regular reporting of compliance metrics;

Bi - Weekly tasks

•         Prepare metrics report and discuss this with GOC Team and Operations Leader in Bi-weekly con-call meetings;

Monthly/Quarterly/Yearly Tasks

•         Carry out post audit of entries as per Company GOC policy metrics and calculation methods;

•         Prepare and coordinate quarterly and yearly customer reports for metrics on duty, quality, savings, opportunities, risks and accomplishments;.

Job Requirements

Basic Qualifications

•         4 year College degree from an accredited university or In country Professional Customs Certification/ Accreditation or high school diploma or equivalent with at least 6 years relevant experience;  

•         2+ year experience in Customs;

Desired Characteristics

•         Self starter/team player;

•         Proficiency in Microsoft Office Suite (Word, PowerPoint, Excel);                                                                  

•         In country Professional Customs Certification or Accreditation;

•         Eye for details;

•         Analytical mind and experience in analyzing information;

•         Strong Compliance mindset;

•         Post audit experience;

•         Ability to multi-task in a fast-paced, demanding environment;

•         Ability to build relationships with internal and external customers;

•         Ability to communicate complex information efficiently based on audience needs;

•         Excellent verbal and written communication skills;                                                                                

•         Experience with driving process improvements.

Additional Information

About Faro Recruitment Vietnam

Faro Vietnam is a member of Faro Recruitment Group - the subsidiary of Outsourcing Inc., a leading outsourcing company in Japan. 

With more than 10 years of establishment and operation, Faro Vietnam is recognized as a leading reputable human resources service provider in Vietnam. 

Clients are satisfied with Faro Vietnam is not only due to the premier quality of services but also the added on support that are beyond than the scope of services they engaged.

Customs Associate

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