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Faro Vietnam is a member of Faro Recruitment Group - the subsidiary of Outsourcing Inc., a leading outsourcing company in Japan. 

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Faro Recruitment Vietnam

Application Engineer / 产品应用工程师 (Open for Expatriates)


Job Description

About the Employer

Subsidiary of an MNC headquartered in London, United Kingdom. The business deals with manufacturing and selling of advanced industrial refractory products and systems to global Steel and Foundry industries and a range of special refractory products to Aluminium, Petrochem, Cement, Power, Glass, Solar, Mineral processing industries, among others. 

Globally the corporation employs over 12,000 employees across 40 countries that include 70 manufacturing sites, 120 sales locations and 14 R&D centres. The business enjoys almost 56% market share in the industry across the globe.

About the Position

1. Purpose: 目的

Responsible for assisting Section Head to provide technical support to customer, supervise refractory installation and performance, assisting to run and monitor for trials and daily activities, assisting develop Company business in term of refractory and tube changer mechanism in FHS.


2. Key Result Areas: 主要结果范围

  • Plan, monitor and control daily work.
  • 规划,监控及控制日常工作
  • Monitor Viso refractory products performance, and control refractory consumption and material issuing.
  • 监控三大件耐火才产品的性能,并控制耐火材料消耗和物料管理。
  • Support account manager & second head to regularly organize the technical exchange meeting and monthly review meeting with customer.
  • 协助客户经理及部门主管定期组织技术交流会议和与月度回顾会议。
  • Supervise and monitoring to ensure correct installation practice carry out by installation team.
  • 监督及监控,以确保现场安装人员正确执行安装操作。
  • Monitoring and maintenance for refractory installation equipment.
  • 监控及保养耐火材料安装设备。
  • Monitoring and collect trial, incident, refractory performance and production information for analysis and reporting.
  • 监测及收集测试、事故、耐火材料使用性能和生产信息,以进行分析和报告。
  • Give training to site operator or installer.
  • 为现场操作员或安装人员提供培训
  • Reasonably provide information for MRP to ensure the efficiency of inventory control.
  • 合理提供MRP信息,以确保库存控制的效率
  • Prepare, review and update SWI for standard and safety works.
  • 准备,审查和更新操作规程,以达到标准化作业及安全要求。
  • Issue the weekly and monthly performance report & feedback the activity of competitors.
  • 发布每周和每月的性能评估报告并反馈竞争对手的活动
  • Prepare and update time sheet for site service team.
  • 为现场服务团准备及更新考勤表。


Job Requirements

1. Qualifications: 资格

  •  Bachelor’s degrees in metallurgical engineering/ Materials Science/ Mechanical Engineering / Industrial Engineering or related field.
  • 冶金工程/材料科学/机械工程/工业工程或相关领域的学士学位
  • Be able to work as shift sometimes to follow the products trial.
  • 能够偶尔倒班工作来跟踪产品试用
  • English, Chinese communication is a must, including reading, speaking and writing.
  • 需要英文、中文沟通,包括阅读、口语和写作。

 2. Experience:经验

  • At least 2 year’ working experience in Steel/Iron industry, Refractory works, project base, mechanical work or related field (Open for fresh graduated)
  • 至少2年有关钢铁工业、耐火材料、项目基础、机械或先关领域的工作经验(毕业学生也可)

3. Knowledge:知识

  • knowledge about refractory application and/or steel making.
  • 具备耐火材料应用和/ 或炼钢的知识。

4. Skills & Behaviour: 技能和性格

  • Can communicate in English/Chinese, especially can attend the internal meeting in English & external meeting with FHS customer in Chinese.
  • 可以用英文、中文沟通,特别可以参加英文内部会议及与FHS客户的中文外部会议
  • Good Excel/Word, email & reporting skill
  • 良好的Excel/Word, email及做报告技能
  • Installation and/or supervision skills
  • 安装及/ 或监督技能
  • Communication skills
  • 沟通技能
  • Energetic, displays leadership, decision making, strategic thinking, self-motivated, able to work independently, good analytical skills and eager to change and improve.
  • 精力充沛,表现出领导力,决策能力,战略思维,自我激励,能够独立工作,良好的分析能力,渴望改变和提高
  • Ability to perform under pressure in a fast paced and changing working environment.
  • 能够在快节奏和不断变化的工作环境中承受压力
  • Self-learning.
  • 自我学习能力
  • Must have a positive can-do attitude.
  • 需要有积极的态度
  • Ability to coach and/or teach in any of Refractory area
  • 能够在任何耐火材料领域进行指导和/或教学

5. Problem Solving & Complexity:解决问题和复杂性

  • Refractory performance need be reported then decided by Account Manager
  • 需要报告耐火材料性能表现,然后由客户经理确定。
  • Different opinion within customer and supervisor need be reported then decided by Account Manager
  • 如与客户和主管有不同意见时,需要报告,然后由客户经理决定。
  • Handle customer complaints
  • 处理客户投诉
  • Implement new products or new systems
  • 实施应用新产品新和系统
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • 客户关系管理

Additional Information

About Faro Recruitment Vietnam

Faro Vietnam is a member of Faro Recruitment Group - the subsidiary of Outsourcing Inc., a leading outsourcing company in Japan. 

With more than 10 years of establishment and operation, Faro Vietnam is recognized as a leading reputable human resources service provider in Vietnam. 

Clients are satisfied with Faro Vietnam is not only due to the premier quality of services but also the added on support that are beyond than the scope of services they engaged.

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