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Faro Vietnam is a member of Faro Recruitment Group - the subsidiary of Outsourcing Inc., a leading outsourcing company in Japan. 

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Faro Recruitment Vietnam

Purchase Officer


Job Description

Management of cost-effective buying decisions that remain within the budget of the department. He/she must communicate and negotiate with suppliers and outsourced suppliers while setting up shipments, delivery and payment schedules to meet the internal customer needs.

Main tasks:

-  Develop profitable suppliers and initiate business and organization partnerships

-  Negotiate with external vendors to secure advantageous terms

-  Approve the ordering of necessary goods and services

-  Finalize purchase details of orders and deliveries

-  Examine and test existing contracts

-  Track and report key functional metrics to reduce expenses and improve effectiveness

-  Foresee unfavorable events to inform to internal customer about potential risk in the Supply Chain.

-  Develop Proactive Plans of prevention to avoid negative impacts for the business

-  Perform risk management for supply contracts and agreements

-  Control spend and build a culture of long-term saving on procurement costs

-  Execute the total purchasing flow

-  Develop Plan of Visits of Suppliers

-  Proactive negotiations with corporate in special requirements

-  Working Proactively with all supplier to guarantee ethical partnerships.

Job Requirements

Skills & Experience

-  At least 2 Years experiences.

-  Degree Level (Graduated): Engineer or Business Administration.

-  Knowledge and Experience in Statistics process control.

-  Must be 100% bilingual (English-Vietnamese).

-  High sense of proactivity

-  High ability of organization

Other Important requirements.

-  Developing sustainable cooperative working relations with others.

-  High skills for teamwork and communication

-  Organizing, Planning, and Prioritizing Work.

-  Systematic methodology to resolve problems

-  Must be able to take instruction and offer advice when needed. In addition, they often need to coordinate their work with other.

-  Decision making ability.

-  Mindset in innovation and high proactivity.

-  Basic Statistic Control

-  Open mindset for changes that leads to improvement

-  Proven Leadership and Proactiveness

-  High Skills of Office (Excell, Word, Powerpoint)

-  Participate in Continuous Improvement Initiatives in several areas of the company

-  Proven Leadership and Proactiveness

-  Good working attitude

-  Ability to work under pressure

-  Excellent Networking Skills

Commit to:

-  Act with honesty and integrity at all times.

-  Demonstrate respect for others.

-  Focus on the internal and external customer.

-  Make an active contribution to developing the service.

-  Consciously review mistakes and successes to improve performance.

-  Promote a very good working environment.

-  Adapt to the company culture.

-  High Commitment to achieve company results.

Additional Information

About Faro Recruitment Vietnam

Faro Vietnam is a member of Faro Recruitment Group - the subsidiary of Outsourcing Inc., a leading outsourcing company in Japan. 

With more than 10 years of establishment and operation, Faro Vietnam is recognized as a leading reputable human resources service provider in Vietnam. 

Clients are satisfied with Faro Vietnam is not only due to the premier quality of services but also the added on support that are beyond than the scope of services they engaged.

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